Q1. I want to know if my application documents have been received by the ITASIA Admissions Office.

A1. The ITASIA Admissions Office is unable to respond to such inquiries. Applicants are fully responsible for guaranteeing delivery of the application documents by the deadline. We strongly recommend that you send the applications documents using a trackable delivery method.

Q2. I heard that the Japanese academic calendar starts in April. Is this the case for the ITASIA Program?

A2. No. The ITASIA Program starts in October.

Q3. What is the availability of university housing?

A3. University housing is limited, but students may apply several times a year (both prior and after arrival in Japan). Often housing becomes more available from the spring (see Living).


Q1. May I change my referee after I have submitted my application?

A1. No. We will NOT accept evaluations from anyone whose name is not listed on your application form. We encourage you to ensure that your referees fully understand and agree to submit the evaluation form by the deadline.

Q2. May I replace one of the evaluation forms because my referee has difficulty submitting it and it may not reach the Admissions Office in time?

A2. No. If your referee cannot submit the letter for some reason, he/she may contact us directly by email, using the email address that you have listed on your application.

Q3. Is it okay to submit an extra evaluation form in case any of my other references are not received by the Admissions Office in time?

A3. No. The evaluation forms must be from the two individuals you listed on your application.

Q4. My referee does not have an institutional email address. Can he/she still submit the evaluation form using a personal email address?

A4. No. If your referee does not have an institutional email address that matches with the address on your application form, then we are unable to accept it. Please follow the instructions on Form #2.

Q5. My referee was supposed to have submitted an evaluation form online. May I check if the ITASIA Admissions Office has received it?

A5. No. We cannot answer inquiries from applicants about the arrival of evaluation forms. Please contact your referee directly to confirm if he/she has sent the form.

Q6. Can I ask my employer to submit the evaluation form?

A6. Since letters of evaluation must consider your potential for graduate-level study and research, academic references are preferred.


Q1. What should I do if I’m unable to get printed copies of my official academic transcripts due to COVID-19?

A1.  Despite the current crisis, nearly every institution has implemented some means of ensuring the delivery of official academic transcripts. Please inquire at the Registrar’s Office of your home university or college.

Q2. Is it okay to submit copies of transcripts?

A2. No. Official transcripts must be certified with the seal/stamp of the university from which you graduated or its registrar. If you are unable to ensure delivery of the official academic transcript by the application deadline, then please be sure to submit a PDF copy at the time of online submission. If your institution currently is unable to provide an official transcript, please contact the ITASIA Admissions Office as early as possible.


Q1. My official proof of graduation can only be issued once and is not replicable. Can I send a copy?

A1. In that case, you must submit proof of graduation that has been certified as genuine by the university, college or school that originally issued it, or have your copy certified as genuine by the ITASIA Admissions Office.

Q2. What should I do if I’m unable to get official proof of graduation due to COVID-19?

A2.  Despite the current crisis, nearly every institution has implemented some means of ensuring the delivery of final transcript/proof of degree. Please inquire at the Registrar’s Office of your home university or college. If your institution is unable to provide proof of degree, please contact the ITASIA Admissions Office as early as possible. 


Q1. Do I still have to take TOEFL if I have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from an English-speaking institution?

A1. A TOEFL score is required of all non-native English-speakers. You may identify yourself as a native speaker of English only if English is your first language or you have been educated primarily in the English-language in your primary and secondary education (elementary, middle, and high).

Q2. Can I replace TOEFL with IELTS?

A2. Yes. We accept both TOEFL and IELTS. Applicants need only to send the score report for one of these two examinations.

Q3. I want to know if my Official Score Reports have been received by the Admissions Office.

A3. The Admissions Office cannot answer such inquiries. Please note that applicants are fully responsible for ordering and submitting official score reports early enough so that they arrive at the Admissions Office by the application deadline.

Q4. What is the average score or the qualifying score?

A4. This information is confidential.

Q5. Are TOEFL iBT “MyBest Scores” considered in admissions?

A5. All TOEFL scores received will be considered in reviewing your application.

Q6. What institution and department code do I use to report my test score results?

A6. For TOEFL, please use Institution Code: 0440 and Department Code: 99; and Institution Code: 3560 and Department Code: 0000 for the GRE.

Q7. Does the ITASIA Program accept TOEFL® ITPTM Plus for China?

A7. Yes, the ITASIA Program is on the list of institutions currently accepting the TOEFL ITP Plus for China solution (PDF).


Q1. I checked “yes” to be considered for scholarships on Form #1. Does it mean I don’t have to apply for scholarships on my own?

A1. Exceptional applicants may be offered a scholarship at the time of the notification of acceptance. However, we encourage applicants to explore all opportunities for scholarships both before and after applying (see Tuition).


Q1. I heard some applicants have already received their selection results while I have not. Does this mean I was not accepted?

A1. Applicants will receive final notification of acceptance no later than March 31, 2022. Applicants who have not been notified by this date, should contact the ITASIA Admissions Office.


Q1. Where do students come from?

A1. The ITASIA Program has admitted students from over 25 different countries, with most coming from China and USA (as of 2017).

Q2. How far is the University of Tokyo from Akihabara?

A2. You can walk to Akihabara from the Hongō campus in about 15-20 minutes.