An English-language graduate program at the University of Tokyo

IHS Program

The University of Tokyo offers several optional certificate programs, in addition to regular major degree programs including the ITASIA program. Among them is the "Integrated Human Sciences Program for Cultural Diversity" (IHS) as one of the Programs for Leading Graduate Schools.

The aim of the IHS program is to produce future leaders through a new academic discipline focused on solving the problems presented by the need for pluralistic coexistence in our globalized society. All incoming master's students of ITASIA, the University of Tokyo are eligible to apply for the five-year program, while only a limited number of entrants will be selected. Proficiency in Japanese is preferred but not required because the indispensable courses are held in English.

The IHS program will offer you a stipend of 150,000 yen (for master's students) or 200,000 yen (for doctoral students) per month, under the condition that you (1) will join the IHS program and take the necessary courses (including passing annual qualifying examinations that may require learning foreign languages, study abroad, and internship) in addition to the courses offered by your major program; and (2) have an intention to advance to the doctoral program after finishing your master's program.
Please remember that the stipend will be taxed and may be reduced or discontinued depending on the annual qualifying examination's result or the changes in the annual budget. Recipients of the stipend are not allowed, in principle, to receive other financial aids (including scholarships) or part-time job earnings.
For more details, please refer to the IHS website ( If you still have unresolved questions about the IHS program, please contact info[at] by email.

The ITASIA program is ready to select a few among its successful applicants to admission every year on the merit base and strongly recommend them to the IHS selection committee.
If you are applying for the ITASIA program, please consider additionally participating in the IHS program, with full understanding of not only the advantages but also additional burdens and relevant conditions. You are required to explicitly show your will in the application form for the ITASIA program. If you wish to be recommended, you should submit your application in time for the earlier deadline of Phase A, as the selection will be done in the framework of merit-based scholarships.

If you are not selected or do not apply for the recommendation above but are admitted into the ITASIA program, you may still apply individually for the general admission into the IHS program later.