An English-language graduate program at the University of Tokyo

ITASIA Admissions Q&A


Q1. I want to know if my application documents have been received by the Admissions Office.

A1. The Admissions Office will not answer any such inquiries. Please note that applicants are fully responsible for delivering application documents by the deadline. We strongly recommend applicants to send their applications using a trackable delivery method.

Q2. I heard that the Japanese academic calendar starts in April. Is this the case for the ITASIA program?

A2. No, the ITASIA program starts in September.


Q1. May I change my recommender(s) after I have submitted my application?

A1. No. We will NOT accept recommendation letters from anyone whose name is not listed on your application form. We encourage you to ensure that your recommenders fully understand the process of submitting their letters in time, BEFORE you send your application to the Admissions Office.

Q2. May I replace my recommendation letter because my recommender has difficulty submitting it and it may not reach the Admissions Office in time?

A2. No. Please refer to A1. If your recommender cannot submit the letter due to unavoidable circumstances, he/she may contact us directly by using his/her email address which you have listed on your application.

Q3. Is it okay to submit an extra recommendation letter in case any of my other three letters might not be received by the Admissions Office in time?

A3. No. Please refer to A1 and A2.

Q4. My recommender does not have an email address that has his/her “affiliated organization's domain name.” Can he/she still submit a recommendation letter online?

A4. No. If your recommender does not have an email address that has his/her “affiliated organization's domain name,” we will not accept an online recommendation letter due to authentication reasons. Please follow the application guideline and submit a recommendation letter via mail.

Q5. My recommender was supposed to send a letter of recommendation directly to the Admissions Office. May I check if the Admissions Office has successfully received it?

A5. We do NOT answer inquiries from applicants about the arrival of letters of recommendation due to reasons of confidentiality. We will contact your recommender(s) directly if there is anything unsatisfactory with the letter(s).

Q6. Can my recommenders email their letters?

A6. No. We do NOT accept letters of recommendation by email.

Q7. Can I ask my employer to write a letter of recommendation?

A7. You may. There is no restriction on who you can ask to write letters of recommendation, except as stated in the application guideline that “at least two recommenders must be outside of the GSII.” However, please be noted that evaluation has to be done from the academic point of view, following the instruction on Form #3.


Q1. Is it okay to submit copies of transcripts?

A1. No. According to the application guideline, transcripts must be “certified with the seal/stamp of the university from which you graduated, or its registrar.”


Q1. My official proof of graduation can only be issued once and is not replicable. Can I send a copy?

A1. In that case, you must send us a copy of your proof of graduation that has been certified as genuine by the university, college or school that originally issued it, or have your copy certified as genuine by the ITASIA Admissions Office.


Q1. Do I still have to take TOEFL if I have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from an English-speaking institution?

A1. A TOEFL score is required for all non-native English speakers to apply to the program. The application guideline states "the application will not be reviewed without the arrival of the Official Score Report" (of TOEFL) (in Application Documents, 5. TOEFL).

Q2. Can I replace TOEFL with IELTS?

A2. No. We do NOT accept IELTS.

Q3. I want to know if my Official Score Reports have been received by the Admissions Office.

A3. The Admissions Office will not answer any such inquiries. Please note that applicants are fully responsible for ordering and submitting official score reports early enough so that they arrive at the Admissions Office by the deadline.

Q4. What is the average score or the qualifying score?

A4. This is confidential and cannot be disclosed.


Q1. I checked “yes” to be considered for scholarships on Form #2. Does it mean I don’t have to apply for scholarships on my own?

A1. If you indicate your interest in scholarships on Form #2, you may be informed of scholarship opportunities if qualified. However, this does not mean you would be automatically enrolled for a scholarship when you submit your application to ITASIA. Please refer to for more scholarship opportunities.


Q1. I heard some applicants already received a selection result while I have not. Does it mean I failed?

A1. The application guideline says "Applicants may be contacted for additional information, with final notification no later than March 31, 2018." Applicants who have not been notified by the above-mentioned date, should contact the admissions Office.