An English-language graduate program at the University of Tokyo

Faculty 2017

Courses and mentoring in the ITASIA program will be supported by the faculty members of many parts of the university who have been teaching and guiding students in the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies (GSII). Among them, faculty members of the Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies (III) and the Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia (IASA) will make major contributions.

The professors who administer the program and/or give lectures in English are:

(As of April 1, 2017)
Title Name Field Affiliation
Project Professor AKAZA Hideyuki Strategic Investigation on Comprehensive Cancer Network III
Professor HASHIMOTO Yoshiaki Information Social Psychology III
Professor, Director of the ITASIA Program HAYASHI Kaori Mass Media and Journalism Studies III
Professor KAGEURA Kyo III
Professor KITADA Akihiro Sociology, History of Media III
Professor MATSUDA Yasuhiro International Politics in East Asia IASA
Professor NAWA Katsuo (link2) Sociocultural Anthropology, South Asian Studies IASA
Professor OGUCHI Takashi Traffic Management and Control IIS*
Professor, Dean of the III/GSII SAKURA Osamu Science & Technology Studies, Science Communication, Cultural Evolution III
Professor SONODA Shigeto Comparative Sociology and Asian Studies IASA
Professor SUDOH Osamu Digital Economy III
Invited Professor TANAKA Akihiko International Politics and Information III
Professor TANAKA Hideyuki Network Economics III
Professor YAMAGUCHI Itsuko Information Law & Policy III
Professor YAMAUCHI Yuhei ICT in Education, Educational Technology III
Professor YOSHIMI Shunya Media and Cultural Studies III
Associate Professor HARADA Shiro Computing and International Politics III
Associate Professor IKEGAME Aya Social Anthropology, South Asian Studies III/IASA
Associate Professor Jason G. KARLIN Gender and Media Studies III
Associate Professor KHOHCHAHAR E. Chuluu Law, History, and Society III/IASA
Associate Professor Kenneth Mori MCELWAIN Comparative Political Institutions ISS****
Associate Professor YONENO-REYES Michiyo Ethnomusicology/Migration Studies IASA
Professor AOYAMA Waka for lectures only; IASA
Professor FUJIWARA Kiichi for lectures only; GSLP**
Professor IIDA Keisuke for lectures only; GSLP**
Professor KOHARA Masahiro for lectures only; GSLP**
Professor Charles MULLER for lectures only; GSHS***
Professor TAKAHARA Akio for lectures only; GSLP**
Project Lecturer KAWAHARA Norie for lectures only; III
Part-time Lecturer LIM Jaehwan for lectures only;
Part-time Lecturer Robert PATERSON for lectures only
Part-time Lecturer SAGAWA Ryo for lectures only;

* IIS: Institute of Industrial Science
** GSLP: Graduate Schools for Law and Politics
*** GSHS: Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology
**** ISS: Institute of Social Science

Other faculty members of the GSII may also lecture and be available to serve as advisors. Please note that some faculty members may not be available in a given academic year.